What Is Pet Cover?

Pet cover pays towards your vet bills when your dog or cat is sick or injured.
Pet Insurance is similar to a medical aid for your pet.

Cats and dogs can get any illness humans can, and they can receive the same kinds of treatments (eg. surgery, x-rays, blood tests, medicines, chemotherapy).




  • Consultation R1000 (minor cases)
  • Drip (if very dehydrated) R2500 R3000
  • X rays to check for a foreign body R1500 – R2000 (additional)

FOREIGN BODY (surgical removal from intestinal tract)

  • Consultation, drip, surgery, 3 days in hospital: R12000
  • Treatment at a Specialist vet: R25000 – R30000

PARVOVIRUS (risk to unvaccinated dogs)

  • Treatment: R12000 – R15000 (hospitalisation, drips, medication etc.)
  • Treatment at a Specialist vet: R50000 (1 week in hospital)


  • Consultation, sedation to clean/remove nail, bandages, medication: R2500 – R3000


KIDNEY FAILURE (older cats)

  • Consultation and diagnostic blood tests: R1500
  • Full diagnostic work up: R2500 – R3000
  • Drip set up and urine tests: R5000 – R6000
  • Treatment at a Specialist vet: R20000 (in depth testing)
  • May need ongoing chronic medication/special diet.

SNUFFLES (‘Flu’ in cats)

  • Consultation, blood test, medication, nebulising: R1500


  • Open wound Consultation, cleaning, medication, ‘Cone of shame’: R1500
  • Lancing and draining under sedation: R2500 – R3000

MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT (not requiring surgery)

  • Consultation to check/stabilise: R2500 – R3000
  • Hospital stay for observation: R5000


Your policy covers injury, illness and accidents, and you can claim for any combination up to your total limit for the year.

You can choose an Annual Limit from R5000 to R65000.

10% Multi-Pet Discount for 2 or more pets.

Pets must fall into the following age ranges:

  • Small Dogs: 8 weeks – 11 years old
  • Medium Dogs: 8 weeks – 10 years old
  • Large Dogs: 8 weeks – 8 years old
  • Cats: 8 weeks to 10 years old

Pet Cover & Limits

Claims may not exceed the following limits:

  • Emergency Boarding Kennel/Cattery Fees: R2000 / Year
  • Complementary Treatment: R2000 / Year
  • Behavioural Benefit: R4000 / Lifetime
  • Cruciate Ligament Surgery: 1 Per Year
  • Back Surgery: 1 Per Year
  • Clinical Pathology: R3600 / Year
  • Consultations: R3000 / Year
  • Histopathology: R1500 / Year
  • Hospitalization Stay: R3600 / Year | R1500 / Claim
  • Injection Fees: R1200 / Year
  • In-Theatre Materials: R4200 / Year | R1500 / Claim
  • Medicines: R2500 / Year | R750 / Claim
  • Surgery: R3800 or max 35% of Annual Limit / Claim
  • Tissue Scans: R3500 / Year
  • Out-Of-Theatre Materials: R1800 / Year
  • Radiology: R3000 / Year | R1050 / Claim
  • Fluoroscopy: R3000 / Year | R1050 / Claim
  • Digestive System Claims: R10000 / Year
  • Skin Condition Claims: R10000 / Year
  • Cancer Claims: R15000 / Year

Optional Pet Cover

The following optional benefits can be included:

1. Pet Wellness Benefit

  • Titer Testing
  • Vaccinations / Injection Fees
  • Consultation Fee
  • Heartworm Prevention
  • Faecal Test
  • Deworming
  • Microchip
  • Tick / Flea Prevention
  • Nail Trim
  • Elective Sterilisation / Neutering
  • Dental Check-Up

2. Dental Benefit

Includes dentistry not as a direct result of an Accident or Illness.

3. Hereditary Treatment

Limited cover for Vet Fees resulting from a Hereditary Defect.

4. Search & Rescue Benefit

Reasonable cost of advertising locally and for the recovery of your pet if it is lost or stolen.

5. Public Liability Cover

This option is only available for dogs and covers you against any loss or damage your pet may cause if you are held legally responsible for their actions.


  • 10% minimum R150 per claimed event
  • R50 for non-chronic medicine
  • R100 for chronic medicine


  • 1 Month for Illness
  • 1 Month for Accidents
  • 6 Months for Cruciate Ligament Surgery